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Sonogram Bill Heads To Governor Rick Perry For Signature

AUSTIN - This afternoon, the Texas House concurred with the Senate-passed version of the Sonogram Bill HB 15 by a vote of 94-41. The legislation now heads to the desk of Governor Rick Perry for his signature! The Republican Party of Texas applauds both chambers for passing this important bill, one of the RPT's priority pieces of legislation this session.

Said RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri, "This is a tremendous accomplishment by our Republican majority in the Legislature and I am very pleased to see this strong, pro-life bill on its way to Governor Perry's desk. I would like to acknowledge the leadership who guided this legislation to final passage - in the House, Speaker Joe Straus and Representative Sid Miller (R-Stephenville), and in the Senate, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston). These conservative leaders have stepped up to the plate to respond to the will of our grassroots. This session, the RPT has focused on five priority items: the sonogram bill, voter ID, the budget, redistricting and sanctuary cities. I am very pleased that we have passed this first priority item and we will now focus on the remaining four. The passage of this legislation by such a substantial majority of the House is the payoff from our electoral victories last fall. This demonstrates the importance of having a strong and viable RPT during the next election cycle so that we can maintain and build upon these gains. On behalf of the Republican Party of Texas and conservatives across the state, I heartily thank and congratulate our Republican legislators for this monumental accomplishment which I am confident will save thousands of lives."